5 simple scientific experiments that will delight children

Unexpected discoveries can be made by the most ordinary things - teaches "Simple Science" - a project of Denis Mokhov, who along with co-invented and developed the book with these scientific experiments for children.

These guys say that our world is simple and genius. Most of the experiments from the book are absolutely safe, and everyone will be able to repeat their own. For example:

The first book they released in the fall of 2014, to raise funds for Bumstartere - a project that helps to realize ideas by funding any desired. Thus, the idea of ​​"Simple Science" was rated themselves as parents, helping in the release of the first edition.

Following the first book of the "Simple Science" came out, and the second and later published the third edition, set stocked with everything needed for the experiments. After all, many adults want to save time when searching for the necessary, and children - to start repeating experiments immediately.

Website like the idea of ​​a New Year gift. So just turn science to children in an exciting experience!

Buy for 490r.

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