18 animals that were not expecting that the owner would come so early

What do the animals while the owners are absent at home - you can only guess. But these four-legged friends were caught off guard, and all their antics were captured on camera.

Website warned: leave the pet at home is dangerous one for your budget.

I just decided to chill the beer for you.

Incidentally, the temperature is just right.

You did not see anything.

I'm just a little cold.

I swear, I did not take any money.

I chose an evening dress for you.

We just play.

Is not that hot tub?

We fought, I swear.

Lipstick? No, I have not seen.

Oh, I did not notice that you have come.

I have to somehow feed his family.

I understand your mail.

When I arrived, all was well.

Is not the maid should clean it?

I just look at them.

Yes, it works correctly. Well, I went.

Before you go up top, I want to say I love you.

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