If a woman has these 12 qualities, never hold it


- Several times in his life everyone is able to meet special women, one of which must become that - the woman of your dreams. These meetings are always unexpected and rarely convenient for you, but the lady is still there and change your life forever.

We are created by nature in a way that allows the two opposites be integral. Search the second half - this journey, often quite debilitating. If you are lucky enough that you have found a woman who has become a rare beauty of a flower in your barren desert, hold on to it as much as you can - never, never let go of it.

Not all of us to behave reasonably, meeting the love of his life, and believe me, and then regret it. If she combines these 12 qualities - never let her go.

She's smarter than you h3> Every man needs a smart woman who would help him to go through life. They say that behind every great man lies a great woman even more. And it is true. Without a woman a man is no more than the usual selfish. Enter into his life a wise woman - and it will have meaning, direction and wisdom so as not to spoil everything.

It is beautiful h3> Beauty is in the eye of the beholder: as long as you find it incredibly beautiful (to your taste), hold on to it. I see that in our time there are those who focus too much on the beauty, and those who, on the contrary, rebels against this concept and not paying attention to the outside at all. Beauty - this is what people revel ever since, with which they are able to see; this is not something to be ashamed of; but it is something that we should learn to assess properly.

She is kind and caring h3> The good people - good people. If it is not good - there is nothing to talk about, and that it was in your life. For women, a very important quality is the ability to take care of. Some simply do not want children. In some respects, a more thoughtful man than a woman. Nevertheless, in all women laid the maternal instinct. If you want to one day start a family, you need to be sure that you have found a woman who wants to (and approaches to) become a mother.

It is energetic h3> Life at times can be difficult. She also is boring and monotonous. Women were not created to entertain men. Quite the contrary. But a woman who is energetic, mobile and ready to embark on an adventure, you will feel happier.

She loves you deeply h3> This is definitely the most important quality. When a woman loves you - she loves you with all his heart. It is not, as they like men - they are more self-centered. A woman has the ability to fully dedicate herself to the man she loves. If you find a woman who really loves you - you've found the greatest gift in the universe.

It is able to compromise h3> The people of both sexes are stubborn. We love things in the form in which they are, and are not particularly open to the changes that we think are not necessary. But, anyway, relationships are built on compromises. If you do want relationships exist, they should be so. Find a woman who is prone to compromise - this is only half the battle. You also have to go to them.

It creates a feeling of home h3> To love, to love deeply - it means to find its place in the world, his home for the first time in my life. It is to know that you are exactly where they should be, and that you do not need anywhere. If you look into her eyes and see the reflection of your soul - then you are at home. Never quit.

It is more than happy to tell you that you are wrong h3> Every man needs a woman who pulled him out of that nonsense. Men have an uncanny ability to make wrong decisions and do stupid things. After finding a woman who will help you to follow your path and say where you're wrong, you can both improve and break your life.

It is strong but feminine h3> Everyone has their own taste in women, but they are a combination of strength and femininity. Strong woman - a partner who needs every man. Femininity - it is ... well, a woman. These two qualities are not the opposite. Often they are successfully combined: a woman knows her worth, but is proud that it was born a woman.

It passionate h3> Life is full of passion, it is worth to live. But to live a passionate life alone is simply impossible. Passion arises between two living organisms, even between two individualities. Passion is wonderful that it is "contagious." It is the most coveted in the world "pathogen┬╗.

It is driven h3> I understand that some men are specifically looking for a wife that would be sat at home. I also understand that there are many women who dream about the same. This type of women are not for me, but often people are looking for it is his. However, you still want a driven woman. If she wants to stay at home, cook, clean and look after the children, make sure it is exactly the type of woman that most successfully realizes himself in the household.

It means everything for you h3> Sometimes we madly in love of man and can not explain why. To be honest, you do not need a reason. If you love it and can not imagine life without it - do not allow yourself to let go. If she means to you so much, you have to understand it. Often people do not understand how the other person means to them until they lose it. We always think that will still be a second chance, that perhaps one day we will get together again.

Maybe. But the converse is also true. You can lose it forever. You can sorry for many years that have missed the most important thing in your life. Do not take chances.

Author: Paul Hudson
Translation: cluber

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