20 cool things that everyone wants to be at his dacha


sit in the evening by the fire with friends, enjoy the sun in the afternoon, cook something delicious on the grill. Villa is not a place to work, especially in good weather.

Website has collected 20 gizmos, who wanted so much to give yourself after the summer. Or at least to dream about them.

Portable kostrischefbd8d86d3b.jpg

Suspended divanae0ba2818a.jpg

Illuminated furniture terrasy35115e168e.jpg

Cooling bokaly8f83e3ae4f.jpg

Swing-bed navesom35ac274397.jpg

Waterbed f134049561.jpg

Glowing floral gorshki82fe71c3fa.jpg


Folding mini stolik52e6238377.jpg

Inflatable podushki333b18e43e.jpg

Descent kanatu7847c111f4.jpg

Street kinoteatr6623a4d9fe.jpg

Summer kuhnya14cdfdb786.jpg

Tropical dush16bea3c8ec.jpg


Table with capacity for ldaacad0ea1a9.jpg

Big gamak509e9159ff.jpg

Place at kostra7e0f49b1bf.jpg

Deckchair read

Chair kachalkad50e97d81c.jpg


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