10 masterpieces underrated movies

In the light of the mass of films, which for various reasons have remained unnoticed by the general audience. Website has selected 10 paintings that are worth a look if you have not seen them.

1778 stories about me zheneBoku to tsuma no 1778 no monogatari, 2011

Sweet and subtle Japanese drama about a married couple. The writer learns of his wife's illness, the usual comfortable world collapses, it can no longer support him and his privacy, which is required for the job. To reassure his wife, the husband decides to write every day for a funny story. Because laughter prolongs life.

King komediiThe King of Comedy, 1982

Simple loser imagines himself a genius comic genre. Lacking the proper talent, he wants to go to a comedy show, and intends to keep it until the end. Surprisingly, but the director of this great comedy - Martin Scorsese. Here it is from someone you do not expect ...

Punch-Drunk Love Punch-Drunk Love, 2002

It is a non-standard American cinema and unusual role for Adam Sandler. He plays a man who just crept to midlife crisis, unable to get out of all the other crises. He is afraid of relationships with women, but the fate gives him a chance.

Insomnia Insomnia, 2002

The story in this film by Christopher Nolan has a special character: it's like a dream come true, a certain lethargy, blurred vision of a man who can not sleep and is in a state of constant agonizing half-asleep. Detective will appeal to fans of smart and charismatic movie Al Pacino.

Monsoon Wedding Monsoon Wedding, 2001

The plot revolves around an Indian family who is marrying the daughter. I spent a lot of money and nerves. And now, from around the world are beginning to arrive for the wedding numerous relatives with their ideas of life. A beautiful movie filmed in a realistic semi-documentary style.

Waltz with Bashir Vals Im Bashir, 2008

Documentary cartoon - a great invention. When there is no frame chronicles, when it comes to things too terrible to show it in full screen, what remains? Israeli Folman filmed their own and others' phobias and dreams about the war.

FeyaLa fée, 2011

Charming and heartfelt film about love. For an elderly person comes not too pretty, but sweet fairy and around the miracles begin.

Kiss, who want Embrassez qui vous voudrez, 2002

European ironic comedy with a luxurious composition of actors. People in the film a lot and everyone wants: to each other, something from each other and for each other, but generally speaking only for himself. This apotheosis of human selfishness, leading finally to the suffering alone.

ZhizniThe Tree Tree of Life, 2010

Great movie - the story of a boy growing up Jack. Mother teaches her son the good and selfless love, the father insists on the primacy of their interests in this life. Jack's parents - different people, and everyone wants to convey to his son's understanding of reality. The plot is reinforced by beautiful visuals and music.

MglaThe Mist, 2007

Severe story based on the novel by Stephen King about that once you decide to fight, you should not give up until the end. In the city of the fog came some unseen monster, the people at the supermarket trying to survive struggling. Directed by Frank Darabont and caught up with a horror of darkness that want to get under the bed and draw the blanket.

VelikanThe Mighty, 1998

Once there were two boys. One very intelligent, but weak, the other - a strong, but very shy. To survive in the harsh world of school, they came up with a clever trick: the guys have become one - a powerful and courageous knight giant.

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