10 most underrated movies

At the world's largest online IMDb filmography can be found not only information about the films and television series, biographies of people connected with the movie, but also the lists of the best films of all time narodov.No often happens that the assessment of Film Critics and the usual audience diverge dramatically. Website for you to publish a selection of paintings criminally underrated version of this site.

1. The Tree of Life h2> The director Terrence Malick has long wanted to make a film in the genre exhaustive about the universe. Using childhood memories hero Malik slowly through them formulate a universal model of the universe: quarreling in the kitchen mother and father - as both yin and yang, civilization and nature, dogma and faith. The world is just beautiful and quite sad.

2. Under the Skin h2> The film is markedly different from a number of Hollywood horror stories, because it is not removed by the canons and has a custom ending. The film is scary not because it's about aliens, but because it is about us, the people. Trying to be the same as the surrounding, the heroine is not just camouflaged in the "skin" of their victims, but also tries to sense and feel what live those same people.

3. All Is Lost h2> «All Is Lost" - is a classic one-man show. The film's director, deliberately "deprived" speechless man crashed in the open ocean, and the remainder with a very dim prospects of salvation, which depends only on the sense of endurance and patience stock held by the hero. Home metaphor of the film - the man - a powerful being, ability to achieve its goals under any circumstances.

4. Through the snow h2> Trapped in the narrow confines of the train of humanity are many stages - cars, which have their poor, which keeps the world, and actually ending the gods who govern this world. The plot of the film about how a person goes from darkness to light, and as a result of the way it may happen that the black is not black and bright and not so clean.

5. Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives h2> The main topic of discussion Uncle Boonmee is his karma and rebirth - the two most important concepts of South Asian philosophy. The film can not be considered spectacular in the usual sense. This meditation tape that requires a thoughtful spectator, ready to explore a new reality, making his way through a foreign culture and fatigue, bore down after forty minutes of viewing.

6. Antichrist h2> The death of two year old son is crazy mother. His father, the therapist decides to treat her himself. After a short and unproductive treatments at home husband decided to try a different method and takes her to an old house in the forest. The entire film is imbued with symbolism. The film was made hard, "uncut". But it's not even in the picture, and in the psychological component of this film. In fact the film about how thin the line between reason and madness, and how this line by clicking on the person is able to do things that do not fit into any framework.

7. The Babadook h2> In "The Babadook" there is a whole range of psychological: the thin line between reality and madness, dreams and insomnia frightening cockroaches in my head and internal monster, which would have fed all his life. At the same time here the original psycho-horror combined with a family theatricality.

8. Goodbye to Language h2> The main role in this film text - not a woman, not a man, and not even a dog, and in silence. How often do we think about what is actually a sound? The film is sometimes in life, people pretend to talk about important and necessary things, and actually living life, but says nothing important.

9. The enemy h2> «enemy» - a powerful, terrifying in its execution a movie about duality and the possible approach of death. The film's protagonist is confused in the web of their own fears, which do not release him even in the moment of dying life. The film is intriguing, whips veiled meanings and symbolism in the spirit of the best films of David Lynch.

10. Noah h2> From the biblical story Aronofsky fresh brewed very strong and mess with the drama and intrigue of a real, given that compliance with the Bible is very rough and the end could be quite different. It is clear that for many of the "Noah" seems too boring tape. Fans of popcorn can not wait until the very end of a pending action, and who wish to join the dohristovym stories may not like blurred narrative.

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