25 brilliant things made improvised

This post - a tribute to the people's ingenuity. You can always get out in any situation, it would be the desire to let a bit of ingenuity! Editorial Website a selection of photos published works of folk artists.

Dumbbell of the old disk h3>

Office crossbow h3>

Speaker for the phone h3>

And another variation on this theme h3>

Homemade hookah h3>

Christmas mood in 3 minutes h3>

Drill - priceless thing in the economy h3>

Forgot your corkscrew? Now this is not a problem h3>

Christmas decorations from plastic spoons h3>

Do you still throw sleeve? h3>

When the director of the miser and did not install air conditioning in the office h3>

Christmas mood improvised h3>

Moulds for cookies from beer cans h3>

How do you like the idea to store knives? h3>

The same way for women h3>

The anti-crisis repair manual sneakers h3>

Charge the phone will now be more convenient h3>

Excellent protection from rain h3>

Compact grill for all occasions! h3>

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