12 celebrities without make-up

What makes a woman beautiful: natural data, work on yourself, or cosmetics? And maybe all together? .. < Website offers you a selection of photos of stars, bold enough to be photographed without makeup.

Katy Perry h2>

Kathy Perii - American singer and lover of fashion bows.

Eva Longoria h2>

Spectacular "Desperate Housewives" Eva Longoria without makeup almost unrecognizable.

Gwyneth Paltrow h2>

Without makeup Gwyneth Paltrow practically unrecognizable.

Chloe Kardashian h2>

Kim Kardashian's sister Chloe does not look so advantageous without makeup.

Kelly Osbourne h2>

Custom singer Kelly Osbourne is almost invisible in a crowd without makeup.

Madonna h2>

The years do not spare even Madonna.

Mila Kunis h2>

Fatal Beauty does not know!

Nicole Richie h2>

Makeup makes a "gray mouse" Nicole Richie in a fatal beauty.

Pamela Anderson h2>

Pamela Anderson without makeup - an ordinary woman, which are many.

Sharon Stone h2>

The star of "Basic Instinct" Sharon Stone is not always on top.

Uma Thurman h2>

Uma Thurman - priverzhenka natural beauty without makeup.

Lady Gaga h2>

It seems that Lady Gaga without makeup - it's two different personalities.

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