Amazing places where famous movies were filmed (10 photos)

We invite you to travel with your favorite actors, to plunge into the place where our favorite movies were filmed and learn some details about them! Most of us do not have the opportunity to admire all the places in the world to live, because we offer a mentally transported to them, browsing the famous movies.

So, 10 films and 10 places where the movies were filmed.


Jack Sparrow is not the only one who can sail the high seas today. Any fan of Pirates of the Caribbean may, of course, a trip to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, to look at the scenery, so familiar to all of the films. You can even stay at the hotel Anchorage Wallilabou, which were created a lot of details to the original film. Tunisia

The northernmost country in Africa has given its desert landscapes to world cinema, and it is for the film "Star Wars." Remember that movie ?! Tunisia Desert used for the episode I, II, and III.


If you are not limited to the TV series "Locked Abroad", it is unlikely that you will regret about the trip to Thailand. Breathtaking beaches and majestic cliffs lured travelers for many years. Especially when they see the paradise known as Koh Phi Phi found Leo DiCaprio in the movie Beach. And the older generation of fans will also remember the 007 Bangkok, Floating Market, not to mention the stunning kinds of Phang Nga Bay, where the James Bond Island.

Scottish mountains

Scottish Highlands - a place of many of the scenes of filming the famous Harry Potter film. Visit the Elephant House in Edinburgh, where Rowling wrote many of his masterpieces, as well as the famous Glenfinnan Viaduct. Make sure that you are planning a trip to the Valley of the River Nevis, as the area was used as the background in the scenes 'Quidditch'. If you lean more towards the historical, you can also visit Glen Coe in the marble mountains - is the filming location "Braveheart".

New Zealand

Middle-earth may fictional land created by the writer Tolkien, but many scenic landscapes seen in The Lord of the Rings, you can see the person in New Zealand. If dwarfs, hobbits and rings - not your goal, we also offer to visit the Gulf Layall, the place of filming of King Kong, as in the original film, and in subsequent remakes.

New York

New York was the muse of directors for decades. Big Apple served as a filming location for the hundreds of well-known films. A trip to New York City never passes without a visit to Central Park, shown almost in each of these films. Where would you not stop here, every corner you may be already familiar.

Bruges, Belgium

It often turns out that the films made about some place completely removed in other locations. But this in no way refers to "In Bruges", the most famous films shot in the city.

Kauai Island. Hawaii

No wonder that the place is so magnificent as Kauai inspired filmmakers to pack all their belongings and come here with cameras. Here you will find a place of George Lucas' movie "Raiders of the Lost Ark", as well as the ever-charming "Jurassic Park" by Steven Spielberg.


Aron Ralston's story from the movie "127 Hours" will not make you go climbing, but it can encourage to visit the magnificent landscapes of Utah and undervalued. There is something sublime in monitoring the vast canyons, leaving an unforgettable impression.

Stockholm, Sweden

"The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" seduced many viewers on a journey to Sweden, where much of the movie was filmed. Tourists and fans can take special tours dedicated to the film and the book that followed through the darkest part of Stockholm.


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