25 incredible things that you most likely have never seen

This world is full of unusual things, and every time you open such amazed, how is it that interesting to live. In this article Website gathered pictures proving that you and I still have much to learn.

Laying machine pedestrian dorozhek3e31c9f02d.jpg

The internal clock mechanism Patek Philippe - one of the most expensive in mired811ad0e5b.jpg

Sunset and a solar eclipse occurring in the same momenta97c0b189d.jpg

Twisty fence in sand dunes in South Algodon Kalifornii97f7f6f74c.jpg

Perfect pyrite cubes formed by Mother prirodoy579f6adeea.jpg

This eggshell drilled more than 20,000 otverstiyc75152a4ff.jpg

The molten glass in a building damaged by fire


The deepest in the world (34, 5 meters) swimming pool with a capacity of 2271 cubic meter vodycacb581be0.jpg

Skull baby loss to dairy zubove964c2800a.jpg

Monument Sverd i fjell in Norway is three giant mecha813087012b.jpg

The original idea for the design mosta36b79fd177.jpg

"Cabbage" geometriya308f89ec97.jpg

So people see in the dark (top picture),
as well - a cat (picture below) 91,960,968

Chest elaborately carved, reminiscent of a computer "glitch" aa1c325329.jpg

Grass after hitting molnii5e8c330d08.jpg

View of the bridge over the freezes reku11c84073d4.jpg

Lenticular cloud, like a UFO obekt6c9da3818b.jpg

Runway at Gibraltar International Airport car crosses shosse2611e075c8.jpg

To create this amazing "loaf", which, oddly, Open - get a piece of art, each color was formed by a separate layer materiala989ae6b45a.jpg

Lizard dropped entirely from the skin of his head with one dvizheniem45ae0db63d.jpg

The cross section of the underwater kabelya9565b1afe4.jpg

Type of space shuttle "Atlantis" to the International Space stantsiibf90131afd.jpg

Here is the liter bottle of soda before being compressed vozduha3f5ae7f2b4.jpg

This one-piece izobrazhenie8613818c3d.jpg

Compartment of a commercial airliner in razrezef728695895.jpg

Coins stacked in a special way, allowing them to be held together even outside stola7304b263a4.jpg

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