These guys were asked to score, but instead the waitress brought them a note

beautiful story of how one small good deed is able to attract a lot more good events. Website sincerely admire these people and believe that kindness will save the world.

24-year-old Liz Woodward worked as a waitress in a cafe, when two firefighters Tim Young and Paul Hullings went for lunch after the 12:00 fought the fire in the warehouse.

Podkrepa vshis, firefighters were asked by the waitress. But Liz, seeing how much they are exhausted, she paid their bill and left them a note:

"Your breakfast today for my account. Thank you guys for everything you are doing. For that saves us anywhere else and at any moment ready to come tearing aid. Without a doubt, you brave and strong guys. Thank you for your daily work! »

Firefighters thanked the waitress, and one of them, Tim Young, placed a post on Facebook, calling on his friends to dine in the café and promote Woman tip. In a short time this post gathered 3,500 likes.

Firefighters also found out something about Liz. It turns out her paralyzed father Steve greatly needed in a special van for transportation.

She even launched a campaign to raise funds on the Internet. Then the companions decided to help her spread the word about the campaign to buy a minibus. We had to raise $ 17,000, but to everyone's surprise, with the help of firefighters campaign raised over $ 70,000!

These two fire even came to the house of Liz to meet with her family.

Liz Woodward: "I have no words. Treating fire at his own expense, I expect a maximum of a friendly smile for his action. What they did to me - it's just a miracle ».

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