7 brutal truths that will make you stronger

We hardly admit his weakness and easily find justification for themselves and others. We are waiting for a miracle, waiting for Monday, new year and a new life. It's time to look into the eyes of the harsh truth of life and start working on yourself right now, not shelving them.

Website has translated for you a useful article, which will help to spread the shoulders and cope with obstacles.

1. No one busy enough to not answer vamParen or she will most likely not respond to your message, not because they are too busy. A potential employer has been that day did not call back because he could not find a single free minute.

If you do not get a response from someone, it's because they deliberately did not want to answer you. And the sooner you stop finding excuses for people who do not pay enough attention to you, the sooner you can get closer to the people and situations that make it.

2. Everyone puts their own interests above all ostalnyhNevazhno how sincere, kind and thoughtful man, he will always be more interested in their own problems than your own. Even the most attentive lover will not be able to understand the kind of "button" is pressed, if you do not tell. The fairest employer in the world can not guess what drives you to the grave, if you will thus agree to all of the work.

Most people take as much as you allow them to pick up, so try to establish and maintain the maximum allowable limits in order not to allow someone to just sit around your neck. Strong people are not afraid to say "no" to what they do not want to do, because they know that no one will intercede for them if they stood up for themselves.

3. You can never please everyone

If you listen to everything everyone ever wanted from you, you would have long since become lifeless, shapeless, unconscious blurred. And then somebody came and told you to be more interesting.

Seriously, you can not please everyone. There will always be those who will say that you are wrong to live or have chosen the wrong path. You will be criticized no matter what you do, so just do what you love. Because the only judge, you need to listen - it is you.

4. The world is absolutely nothing you should not, you can be the coolest, kindest, smartest, most interesting man in the world, but if you do not work on themselves and develop all these great qualities and will remain in your imagination. < br />
There are two options: You can spend a lifetime feeling sorry for yourself because you deserve more, or you can begin to act and take everything from life now. Guess what choice do people self-sufficient?

5. Do you find yourself opravdaniyaMozhno spend his entire life lamenting the fact that you do not have the time, money, effort or resources to accomplish your goals. And whatever you say may be true, but the harsh truth is that every person on the planet has at least one heck of a good excuse not to move toward the life that he wants.

People who get out of life what they want, ignoring their justification. They find ways to overcome their limitations, instead of lamenting for them - that is the reason for their victories.

6. you characterize the actions, not mysliVy can sit indoors all day, drawing in the imagination of a better world, but until you go out and do not start to translate anything in life, it does not matter. The ability to build big plans - a wonderful thing, but as long as it is not accompanied by action, is useless. Eventually about us we can be judged by our actions, not thoughts.

7. No one will come and will not save you from your own zhizniMy all want to believe that a man of our dreams, the perfect job, or an incredible surprise waiting for us around the corner. When we are unhappy with their situation, we are irrational hope that miraculously appear magician and save us from all problems.

But the truth is that life does not happen. Problems are not solved by magic, and if you want to see the changes in your life, you have to do work on them.

It knows the most powerful people. When the going gets tough, they put on armor, climb on a white horse and save themselves. Because they understand that if someone and helps, it will be they themselves.

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