20 facts that sound like a lie, but it's true

Sometimes it seems that to surprise us, adults who have nothing. And then you hear so by chance at the pink hippo milk. And I think not, well, is that right? Just like that, like a milkshake with strawberries? The site offers a few interesting facts that are to test them.

1. Honey never spoils. That is not just a year or two, and if ever.

2. Medusa Turritopsis Nutricula - now known only immortal creature on earth. About gurus teach me how to live.

3. The heart of a blue whale is so huge that one can easily swim through the arteries.

4. But it is no more saucer sip.

5. For each person has about 1, 6 million ants. The total mass of all these ants is about the same as the mass of all people on earth.

6. At the octopus three hearts.

7. Originally Feng Shui - the art of site selection for the grave. Nevertheless Asians have always been famous specific sense of humor.

8. On Saturn and Jupiter rains from diamonds.

9. And this is Jupiter from Earth would look like if it was from us at the same distance as the Moon.

10. in our body is 10 times more bacteria than cells.

11. The probability that in a glass of water you drink contains a water molecule, which visited the dinosaur's body - almost 100%.

12. Frankenstein - the name is not a monster, and the scientist who created it.

13. At stingray 27,000 taste buds. It is 4 times greater than in humans. Jamie Oliver is crying envy.

14. It looks like the sand under a microscope:

15. Beautiful fishbowl - this is the worst home for goldfish.

16. Reading in poor lighting or the monitor does not affect the deterioration of vision.

17. Oxford University older than the Aztec Empire.

18. In Cyprus, Santa Claus is called Basil. That's just hear something familiar in the word "Cyprus┬╗.

19. No one has ever been able to tame the African elephant. Only the Indian elephant to train.

20. Left - candle burns in the world, and on the right - in weightlessness.

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