Male and female. History.

My wife got sick. She constantly nervous because of problems at work, personal life, their failures and problems with children. She lost 15 pounds and weighed about 40 to 35 years her. She haggard, constantly crying and frustrated at everyone and everything. Its nothing pleased. Constantly headache, heart and pinched nerves in the back and ribs. She did not sleep, fall asleep in the morning, tired and not getting enough sleep. Our relationship was on the brink. Her beauty was somewhere to go, there were bags under the eyes, it has become a little stooped and take care of yourself. She refused to shoot films and generally from any roles. I lost hope and thought that we would soon divorce ... But then I decided to act. After I got the most beautiful woman of all on earth.

She - the ideal more than half of men and women on earth, and I am allowed to sleep beside her and hugging her shoulders. I began to strew it with flowers, kisses and compliments. I did surprise her, to enjoy every minute. Gave gifts, and lived for her. People spoke only of her. All topics drove toward her. Praised her own and our common friends. Do not believe it - she blossomed. It has become even better than before. Gained weight, no longer nervous and loved me even more than before. I did not even know that she knows how to love. And I realized one thing: the woman is a reflection of the man. If you love her to madness, it would be them.
© Brad Pitt


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