Most likely, you do not understand your cat

Cat owners like to think that they really understand something of their pets better than anyone else - in this sense, people are proud as a cat themselves.

However, conducted a recent survey shows that three quarters of the animal lovers can not even say that is vertically raised tail, believing that their cat or cat is wrong with them hello and one in three believes that the cat lay down on his back, when they want to it belly scratched.

According to the expert on the behavior of cats Nicky Trevorrow actually a cat so shows that you trust, but it's better if it does not scratch her belly - is likely to be perceived with hostility. For felines touching her stomach - a breach of trust, so it is just gently pat your pet on the head.

Experts charitable organization created a three-minute video guide for dealing with cats, to help people get in touch with their four-legged pets.

In a survey in 1100 of cat owners, researchers found that, for example, two-thirds of the owners believe that cats purr only when satisfied, though it can mean pain.

Four out of ten do not realize that close to the head the ears indicate the fear and the desire to hide, while many owners are trying to pull the cat out of hiding, to "console" him, then it is better not to do, as this will only exacerbate the stress of the animal.

A quarter of the owners think that cats shed to mark territory, but in fact the animals leave marks odor as a result of friction with the items. When you come home, and favorite cat rubs at your feet, make no mistake - she is happy, she believes that the host of strange smells, and seeks to restore the status quo.

«Many pet owners are turning to as a person, thinking that the cat also pleasing long embrace. In fact, the cat - just solitary beings; they prefer to frequent, but brief courtesies, and if you want to calm the cat, look into her eyes and blink a few times slowly, "- says Nicky Trevorrow.

blockquote> Experts advise paying more attention to the behavior of your beloved pet to learn how to better understand it, or even with the best intentions, scratches and bites you provided.



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