In old age, people become happier

The poll in the US showed that happiness comes with age, however, the reason for this survey did not reveal. According to the professor of psychology at New York's Stony Brook University Arthur's Stone, the reason may be changes in the environment or psychological changes in how we view the world, or even biological changes - for example brain chemistry or endocrinology.

According to the survey, people in 18 feel good. Then - the older, the worse until the age of 50 years does not come a tipping point. At that age people are starting to become happier as they age - to 85 years in the same way they are satisfied with themselves as the 18-year-old.

There are several explanations for this phenomenon:

  • a deeper understanding of the value of life;
  • a sense of accomplishment;
  • a philosophical attitude to the vicissitudes of life;
  • lower aspirations and expectations;
  • the ability to live in the present and not worry about the future;
  • the knowledge that it is impossible to please everyone;
  • a tendency to evaluate the situation more positively. < /The most interesting is that the most miserable of all age groups feel teenagers.



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