Incredibly huge luminous sea creatures managed to videotape

«Star Screen" was an animal that biologists are sometimes called "sea unicorn" - it is so mysterious and elusive.

Strictly speaking, pirosomy or pyrosome - are not separate individuals, but entire communities, colonies of living organisms. Colony size ranging from several cm to 18 m in length. Like many other inhabitants of the ocean, pirosomy feed by filtering sea water containing plankton.

Usually colony ognetelok take the form of an elongated dome, with a diameter of open end reaches 1, 8 m, ie enough to fit inside the dome adult. Colonies drift using ocean currents, but may use a kind of "reactive thrust", pushing the water.

This writes one of the authors of «Deep Sea News» Rebecca Helm: "In order to satisfy every member of the colony, pirosomam constantly have to pass through a ton of water. So they can move in a certain direction, however, very slowly ».

In addition to size, pyrosome surprising ability to emit a bright bluish-green glow in response to touch and light level - Helm calls it "expressed bioluminescence." The word "Piros" comes from the Greek word pyr - fire and soma - body.

These incredible marine animals is still poorly understood, as are found only in the open sea at extreme depths. Scientists for the first time managed to shoot ognetelok video that will help to better understand the interaction of individuals within the colony and the whole colony with other residents of the seabed.



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