The biggest afro in the world has grown Øyvind Dugas

38-year-old social worker from the US state of Louise's Øyvind Dugas is included in the Guinness Book of Records for its world's largest natural hairstyle afro with a circumference of 1, 32 m. It took 14 years to grow hair so long, and even though Øyvind proud of its hairstyle, she admits that sometimes the hair delivering a lot of trouble.

At some point in their lives Øyvind resorted to all sorts of methods to straighten your curly hair, until I realized that this was not what she needed. Now she thinks that nothing more beautiful African - its natural hairstyles - and can not be.

14 years ago she saw a picture of his mother, who was also African, so Øyvind stopped to straighten her hair and began to grow large round hairstyle. It is nothing special about it does not do: just her hair continued to grow until 2010, the year she set a new world record in the lush African in the world, becoming a source of inspiration for other black women.

Of course, the hair Øyvind attract the attention of passersby as she walks down the street, and some of them just ask how it is managed, while others ask for permission to touch her hair, to make sure that they do not imagining things.

Øyvind plans to continue to grow hair, but such a huge ball of hair is already creating a lot of inconvenience. Øyvind We have a problem with rear-view mirrors - she has to turn his head to see the car traveling behind. In addition, the hair is constantly entangled in the branches of trees, and she hates it when strangers touch them without permission.

Three times a year Øyvind little trims haircut and shampoo uses five handfuls at a time during washing and to dry completely, her hair should be about two days. However, there are advantages: the hair so lush and soft, they can be used as a pillow.



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