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The opinion of the majority of Americans about Russia based on stereotypes generated by the Cold War, for example, they seriously believe that winter in Russia incredibly cold and harsh Russian people drink a lot of vodka. Recently, the Americans made a list of several other aspects of our culture, and we have tried to translate it for you as soon as possible verbatim. Remember - it is written the Americans.

1. Confusing the name gorodov

Many people know that in Soviet times the names of some Russian cities have been changed in accordance with the ideology of the existing political regime, such as St. Petersburg for some time called Leningrad, and then was renamed St. Petersburg. They also changed the names of many streets that after the withdrawal of Soviet authorities returned the old name. This has led to confusion, especially for tourists who are trying to navigate their route among major cities.

Worse still, in the cities in recent years it has been built a large number of houses, and they all look virtually identical. Russian citizens themselves are so often confused among similar areas, it became the basis for a comedy about how someone by mistake got into someone else's apartment, taking her for his.

2. Brakonerstvo

For a long time the problem of poaching in Russia did not exist, however, since the collapse of the Soviet Union in Russia poaching dramatically increased. The main objective is the Siberian tiger poachers, although illegal hunting is conducted on other animals. It is believed that the decline in the population of Amur tigers mostly happened just because of poachers.

Unfortunately, the problem is primarily with the budget: forest areas and hunting is allocated very little money, which prevents the protection of animals, especially given Russia's vast territory, which should be controlled. According to statistics, every year in Russia there are dozens of cases of poaching.

3. Hakery

Perhaps, Russia can boast the largest number of hackers in the world, and some of them - the professionals. Most of the pirated content on the network is available in Russian, first of all because it is Russian pirates are spread in the network content for free download. Those who want to get legal compensation for the theft of their product, it is extremely difficult to prosecute those who live in another country.

However, the activities of hackers is not limited to the Internet. Most ATMs in the streets of Russia cracked, and travelers advance warning of the need to use only protected-smoking rooms, are under close supervision.

4. Tyurma

Many have heard of the infamous Gulag in Russia - Joseph Stalin used this camp to punish people for almost anything he did not like, as well as a useful debugged system of slave labor. However, even in Russia today there are some incredibly severe jail, one of the worst known as "Black dolphin».

Conditions in these prisons incredibly hard, and they are intended only for the most violent of people who should not be allowed to live in a normal society: terrorists, murderers and cannibals. Yes, cannibals. One film crew were not allowed into the prison to talk to the guy who was cooking his victims and then ate. Another prisoner explained that the murder of his son-in was quite a smart move, as a daughter because he did not sleep.

5. Morzhi

In Russia there is a group called "walrus", mainly consisting of men - they swim in the icy water with almost no clothes, and then go out in the snow.

One of walruses boasts that his blood pressure - as an astronaut, and believed that bathing in cold water is incredibly helpful. Most people do this for your health does not - simply throws every morning in the icy water.

6. Winter prazdniki

In many countries, the most important holiday is Christmas. Even if you are not a Christian, you are, at least, give gifts and participate in all other aspects of the holiday. But in Russia everything is done a little differently: as a celebration of Christmas itself is not marked - those who value this date, just go to church and spend some time there.

On the other hand, has its own Christmas Russian analogue of Santa Claus Santa Claus by name. New Year is celebrated across the country - a kind of a Soviet version of the Nativity. In addition, the Russian New Year drink a lot of alcohol, although depending on the family situation and Christmas can be noted as well. Russian await the midnight battle Kremlin clock - it marks the arrival of the New Year.

7. Kvas

Kvass - a popular Russian drink made by fermenting grain. Although it is considered soft, 1% alcohol in it still contains, in many places a soft drink would not be considered. Like the beer, it is usually drunk cold and sometimes seasoned with strawberries or raisins.

However, you may be surprised that the drink is sold as freely as Coca-Cola, and in recent years has enjoyed great popularity. It can be easy to find commercially bottled in two-liter plastic bottles.

8. Vladimir Putin

Many people in the West talk about the Russian leader Vladimir Putin as to tighten the screws a terrible tyrant dictator. However, despite the opinion of the Western media, Putin actually incredibly popular in Russia. While we would not call Putin's really a good guy, a big part of Russia is still approves it.

Unfortunately for Mr. Putin, it can not last forever. Some experts believe that because of economic growth in Russia is not observed, people are beginning to lose faith in the current leadership and the power of Putin, perhaps beginning to wane.

9. Vzyatochnichestvo

Although you may not be surprised that Russia extended bribery, but you will surely be amazed to learn that this phenomenon goes far beyond simply bribing a public official. Bribery is used all kinds of people, and is rooted Russian tradition. Corruption has become such a problem that to combat it have been adopted special laws, but the battle is still far from being won.

For example, in Russia it is illegal to drive a car at the cemetery. However, if the weather is bad or you're not in good shape, then a long walk can turn into a big problem. The taxi driver will be willing to take the risk to break the law and look the other way - for the right price. More lighter in Russia to take advantage of the services of one of the many informal taxi drivers. Just know that this is, firstly, it is not safe, and secondly - you probably cheated a little bit.

10. Sueveriya

Russian - very superstitious people and have settled strange customs. For example, if you give someone a present is what usually keep their money (purse), you need to put the money there, otherwise you navlechёte person financial trouble.

Russian also will return to the subject that you forget when leaving the house only if the subject is very necessary to them, but if we had to make is, that they consider necessary to look in the mirror. Many mothers refuse to show your child to anyone was in the first month of his life out of fear that someone might envy his jinx.

The majority of Russian students before the exam wishing each other something similar to western "break a leg" (eng. «Break a leg») - «no fluff, no pen," to which the accepted answer "to hell" to avoid bad luck. This may not seem reasonable, but our "break a leg" is also probably does not carry much sense.

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