In Kentucky once lived a family with blue skin

All because of the incestuous braki

Scientists call this phenomenon methemoglobinemia, its essence is that the blood contains a very small amount of oxygen, so it is much darker than that of ordinary people, which is why there is such an unusual and effect.

It all started in 1820, the year when Troublesome Creek, Kentucky, Martin Fugate settled Frenchman, who took his wife red-haired beauty Elizabeth Smith. The girl was very pale skin, which can be explained by the presence of a rare recessive gene. Martin and Elizabeth had seven children, four of whom had unusual skin bluish tint.

Because of incestuous sexual contact position only aggravated: whole generations of the family were so bright and rich blue color that casual travelers, trapped in Troublesome Creek, did not believe my eyes when I became acquainted with the local inhabitants, possessed by persons of color of a ripe plum.

I must say that in spite of the strange skin color, almost all members of the family Fugate had good health and lived to a ripe old age. After the 1960s, the population of Kentucky began to grow rapidly, and the gene pool Fugate was "diluted" by members of other families who came to this area, so blue children ceased to be born.



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