Student from Canada can "leave" his body when he wants

At the same time she has seen strange activity mozga

A student of psychology in Canada claims it can "go out" of the body on their own before they go to sleep. 24-year-old girl told me that he could see himself floating in the air in a horizontal plane, and occasionally look at my body, while hanging in the air above him. According to her, she is not feeling any emotion.

Researchers from the University of Ottawa believe that the feeling of "leaving" his body and hovers over him meet several areas of the brain associated with the perception of moving images. It is expected that this experience may have a lot more people than commonly believed.

Scientists have classified the experience of women as in vitro experience (IVF). They believe that a sense of "out of body" is often accompanied by very strong emotions, such as shock.

Andre Smith and Claude Messier resorted to functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to study the experience of students and see whether it really is the first person who may be experiencing IVF on their own, without having any abnormality in the brain. < br />
They found that IVF is completely deactivated the visual cortex, but are activated several areas related to kinesthetic imagery and mental representations of the movements of the body. Although scientists recognize that the ability to "leave" the body at will - a rarity, they believe that this phenomenon is still not unique.

The idea is based on the fact that the student does not find in its ability not unusual. She learned to "go out" of the body, while still a small child, and did it when in kindergarten she was getting bored during a daytime nap. She grew up with the confidence that it can do each, and was surprised to learn that this ability has an identity.

Perhaps the ability to manifest in people who do not consider it something unique. The researchers also suggest that "out of the body," the ability of most young children, but without a regular practice of this skill is lost.



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