In Germany, a popular rock group «Station 17", in which play only disabled

They perform successfully for 25 let

Perhaps the German group «Station 17" is not very popular around the world, but in his native Germany, it is the past 25 years remains a sensation. Special group does what all its members are physically or mentally defective, but this does not prevent them to create and execute a truly amazing tunes.

It all started in 1989, when the lead singer of punk rock band «The Painless Dirties» Kai Boysen decided for the time away from the music and become a social worker. He began working with people with disabilities in the therapeutic sessions and gradually realized that music is an amazing effect on the people he is trying to help. So he invited them to his studio, and there was a group. They began to play together, and then he showed some records to his manager - he was very impressed.

Under the leadership of Kai and a small number of other professional musicians «Station 17" recorded their debut album "Mercury". Music was very different from the popular at the time in the direction of the German techno. The audience reaction was positive, so the band signed a contract with a major record company.

«Station 17" is rapidly gaining popularity and soon began touring Europe, performing at small local festivals. Also, the group for many years collaborated with such renowned German musicians like Robocop Kraus and the composer Thomas Felmann.

In the late 1990s, the group has completely changed the image - began to play electronic dance music and collaborate with the best pop musicians in Germany. Some of the old staff left the band, and it came to new musicians. Kai stopped playing, too, and was replaced in 2006, the year came another punk rocker and part-time social worker Peter Tideken. As for Kai, he has a group of all assistance.

All these years in the «Station 17" did not change one thing - the process of creating songs. According to Peter, the boss they do not. At first, he tried somehow to guide the group, but as an idea arose, and arise spontaneously.



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