6 times Jewish boy survived the gas chamber, while all around the dying

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Pir Moses was 11 years old when he was brought to the concentration camp Bergen-Belsen. To the Nazis he was nine years old, along with his younger brother and sister: in 1942, the year his family were arrested in their home country, France. His mother was sent to Auschwitz, and children are never seen her.

Pier says that the memory of the painful separation from their parents, and finds it impossible to describe all of the hell through which he was held in a concentration camp. His only goal was - to survive.

Pir gassed six times, and six times he miraculously remained alive, though badly suffered and in addition saw beside him died, women and children. He saw how they all fell to the floor and died, but he remained standing.

He himself does not know how and why it has managed to survive. Moshe is still haunted memories of the nightmare, and it is difficult to sleep at night.

He does not understand how the rest of the world could allow atrocities lasted so long. "No one told the Germans that just can not do that - they had a tacit agreement of the world" - said Moshe.

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