11 simple tricks that will help you become happy and productive

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You can change your life for 10 minutes - if you take the time to learn this life-changing technology.

The service Quora users - successful professionals in various fields answered the question: "What can I learn today in 10 minutes, it would be useful to the rest of your life?»

Here are a few tricks that will allow you to save your time and improve your life.

1. Listen to other people

«Pay attention to their body language and" reflects "its like a mirror. Listen carefully, instead of waiting when will be able to speak. "- Adam Goldman

blockquote> 2. Learn how to quickly read the

«In elementary school we learned while reading aloud pronounce every word in my head, but we can understand written much faster than say it. So train yourself to read without this slow inner voice. "- Raj Ray

blockquote> 3. When someone calls you his name, make an effort to remember it

«One of the best tricks - machinery association. To remember the name of the legendary Dale Carnegie advised to "paint a picture in your mind as a person whose name you want to remember, doing something that reminds you of his name." "- Arjun Perkins

blockquote> 4. Learn the basics of conscious meditation

«It should not take all the free time, just spend it 10 minutes a day. All you need - is to pay attention to the breath, inhale and exhale. Remember, it does not mean you have to completely clear your mind of thoughts.

Author of the book "True happiness at work," says Sharon Salzberg, you need to have a "balanced understanding" of what is happening around you. So you can analyze your experience, rather than just react to it. "- James H. Kelly

blockquote> 5. See stand-up show before an important meeting or presentation

«The feeling of happiness that comes with laughter boosts your confidence, improves memory and makes you ready to take the risk." - James Altucher

blockquote> 6. If you want your phone to charge quickly, turn on flight mode

«If your iPhone is ready to die, turn on flight mode and go into the shower. It will be sufficiently charged by the time you finish dressing "- Himanshu Yadav

blockquote> 7. When you subscribe to a newsletter, do not give your real e-mail

«Instead, use the service" nearly 10 minutes "to avoid spam." - Abhishek Mandor

blockquote> 8. Please correct posture when you are in the workplace

«This will help you save your neck and back from severe pain. In addition, the need to get up at least once an hour, because you have to change position before the body will take the wrong position. "- Ben Mordecai

blockquote> 9. Set up your Gmail so that you can return a message

«Just in case you've written something that would go back." - Vipin Agrauel

blockquote> 10. Talk with at least one stranger every day

«In the subway or in a cafe, or while networking. Because those whom you know, form your health, happiness and success. If you are shy, learn more reliable techniques for dialogue. "- Abhishek Rowe

blockquote> 11. At the end of the day remember what you did horoshoIssledovanie Harvard Business School found that keeping a diary of daily success increases personal productivity and well-being.

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