The food is not able to lift the mood (do not be fooled)

"Comfort food"

What is your favorite "comfort food"? You have it exactly - those dishes in which you try to cheer yourself up after stressful situations. In fact, you are just fooling yourself: A new study has found that "comfort food" is no more effective for lifting mood than any other, or lack thereof.

"A bad mood will pass by itself after some time - says a team of researchers from the University of Minnesota led by psychologist Tracy Mann. - People credited with "comfort food" effect on mood, though it does not depend on food ».

Mann and her colleagues conducted a series of experiments to prove it. First, the participants of "suppressed" mood with video, then offered to console himself with different types of food. The control group did not eat anything.

"Sentiment has improved with time, - report to the researchers - and this happens in all cases, regardless of the food they received, or not received at all».

These findings have obvious connection with diets and weight loss. "We found no justification for people who use" comfort food "in a bad mood, - concluded the researchers. - Failure to justify the high-calorie and high-fat foods can help develop and maintain healthy eating habits and lead to other ways to improve mood without the use of food ».



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