The strongest on the planet

The collection presents 10 of the most powerful in the world in the power-to-weight ratio. They can lift weights in excess of their own to 1000 times!

1. Tubular mites. The strongest creature on Earth (in the power-to-weight ratio) - it is hard ticks, which can be found in your nearest garden. This tiny creature can bear the weight in 1180 times its own. It's just that if a man could lift 82 tons

2. dung beetle. This beetle can lift the weight, the equivalent weight of six double-decker buses, that is in 1141 times its own weight. Dung beetles vary greatly in size - from 1 mm to 6 cm in length. Scarab - type, constituting 10% of all bugs. He was worshiped by the ancient Egyptians that his work (he rolled balls of dung) - is the personification of the sun moves

3. The leaf-cutting ants. The jaws of this insect can bite of the sheet, the weight of which is 50 times the weight of their bodies. All the same, that if a man raised the subject of weight 2, 5 tons. These insects are among the most complex relationships in the world - each group is responsible for a particular process.


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