Protect strong people ...

Strong people are much more defenseless weak. "During Hurricane flexible reed bends and rustles, and the pine tree just breaks down and dies forever" - speak Chinese, and the Chinese know what they say.

Strong people do not respond for themselves. And not even for their loved ones. They are responsible for the whole world, who are in their orbit.
Because "the power attracts" - so say the physicists, and they also know what they say.

Strong people are not healthier and stronger than all the others. Simply they know that they have no right to pass out and die while they are still on someone depends. They are capable of a massive heart attack during a jump into the water, swim to the drowning child, pull it to shore, make sure that it's nothing more threatening - and only then disconnect.
So doctors say - and doctors have seen in my lifetime a lot more miracles than physics and Chinese together.
And strong people are very lonely. And it is not because no one suffer side. It's just ... they are also strong! Here anyone and does not occur, and that they can be hurt, scared, lonely, just sad ...

Walk the earth strong, happy or silent people. With them is not always easy, not always pleasant, not always comfortable - but firmly. This is precisely the cavalry, which always comes to the rescue at the last moment ...


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