GREATNESS or humiliation?

Over the years, we gather a collection of objects of pride. Of these, there is an image in which we can be proud of. All that is contrary to the way it creates in us the most serious experience. Attachment to this image creates mental stress, making any communication with other people in stressful exam. Do not pass the exam - is pierced to show his lethal poor quality and disgrace.
If, for example, irritability does not fit in our way, it is an experience we will by all means to deter and suppress. After all, it is contrary to the false image of a virtuous man, which we are proud. Often we perform acts of kindness nominal, the required minimum, which is only required to maintain a false mask, removing them from food for self-importance. And if the rate of self-importance is falling and there is nothing to be proud of us today, we feel their "uselessness" and worthlessness. Now we are not wanted, we will be deprived of all the benefits, they make exiles, forgotten, and all that will remain in the end - just die somewhere in the alley, in a muddy puddle in the gutter. And all this because now we have nothing to be proud of, because false image was false. And as if we did not know.

We compensate for their inferiority self-assertion. We prove to other people that are of good quality and worthy of "use." In fact, we prove it all to themselves, simply because it is still in early childhood continue to doubt that a decent living. This compensation takes in our lives truly Napoleonic scale.
The man, like the hero of the game has its "parameters". For example: strength, agility, intelligence, intuition, and so forth. You can call these parameters are our strengths and weaknesses. On the strength and weakness of the parameters affecting experience. Experience - is the number of impressions that we receive, making an action. For example, now I'm getting experience tapping fingertips on the keyboard. The more attention I pay to this process, the more I get the impression from this process, and the more experience I get. If the person used to direct attention to their feelings, looking at them as an observer, he becomes proficient in their feelings. It was thanks to awareness the process of gaining experience becomes more intense. To name the most conscious any phenomenon, we get the maximum experience.
Very often, we want to look as cinematic characters that have no inside and drops shit. Of those roles that we can play, we choose the most interesting, imagining how exalted our little person on the royal throne, intoxicated with universal love and acceptance.
The desire for fame and respect - net inferiority complex. Whatever heroism we have not committed, no matter what the merits are not found, it will always be small. Insatiable personality defects simply because it does not exist. This hallucination personal defects - a bottomless pit, filling and we will lose energy as a result of continuing to remain with nothing. No matter how much power we have not invested in their own well-being, hoping to appease the feeling of self-importance, the horizon of happiness is always ahead. This quest will never end.
Eternal being there, but our little ego there is no place. It is born and dies. In the end, we can either effectively grounded, forgetting in social programs or to seek enlightenment, to cease to identify themselves with the mortal 'I'. Half-measures are acceptable as a palliative. Humiliation and exaltation, life and death, the meaning and meaninglessness - all extremes. Not true is negative or positive. It is - just freedom from illusions, uncompromising honesty with him, and if you like - a direct path to the truth.


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