The main achievement in my life Oleg Okhrimenko made in Omsk, April 21, 2002.

The main achievement in my life Oleg Okhrimenko made in Omsk, April 21, 2002. He took part in the arrest of a dangerous criminal in the federal wanted list. Armed with grenades and pistols, the offender took hostage his mistress and tried to break out of the encirclement policemen apartment. Hold a guarantee from the head of the woman, he left at a bus stop on the street Barkhatova. The hope was that the fire in such a situation the police did not dare - it crowded, while grenades "pineapples" dispersal of fragments is 200 meters. Played a role and wine operations managers - the ousting of citizens from criminals have been made, people do not even notified of the incident. The crowd assumed that the film was being shot. At some point, the offender lost his nerve and he opened for the police officers and the pillar of fire to people with a pistol. Retaliatory fire the culprit was destroyed on the spot. The former had a grenade fell to the ground (according to other sources, the offender had to throw it). Oleg Ohrimenko pushed aside hostage and covered the grenade with his body. With the explosion was fatally wounded and died several hours later in hospital. His heroic act saved dozens of citizens and three colleagues.
For courage and heroism in the line of duty by Presidential Decree of 19 January 2003 the captain of militia Ohrimenko Oleg Ivanovich was awarded the title Hero of the Russian Federation (posthumously). Glory and honor!

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