10 inspiring stories of self-sacrifice (9 photos + text)

To sacrifice his life for another, perhaps the most courageous act for any person who is worthy of memory and universal respect. Today you will learn ten actual cases of self-sacrifice for the sake of others. In fact, such cases hundreds, thousands, millions, which makes us believe in humanity ...
Police Artur Kasprzak

When during Hurricane Sandy began flooding, 28-year-old police officer Artur Kasprzak pulled from the water and carried to the attic of the house six adults and one child - his nephew. Then he realized that he did not see among the people rescued his father, and decided to go down again. Later it turned out that the father of the police managed to escape on their own. Himself Kasprzaka was found dead a few hours later.

Maximilian Kolbe

In 1941, the Polish priest Maximilian Kolbe was in Auschwitz. Once one of the escaped prisoners, and the deputy camp commandant has selected ten prisoners who had to pay for it - to die of starvation. One of the doomed - Polish sergeant Frantisek Gaёvnichek, began to cry, shouting the names of his wife and children. Then Kolbe came out and offered his life in exchange for the life of Gaёvnicheka. His sacrifice was accepted. The terrible stinking place where left to die of ten, Kolbe continued to support fellow sufferers - with prayer and song. Three weeks later, he was still alive, and the Nazis decided to introduce him a lethal injection. In 1982, Maximilian Kolbe was canonized.

Muelmar Magallans

In 2009, in the Philippines there was a series of floods. During one of them, 18-year-old Muelmar Magallans tied a rope to his belt and rescued the members of his family, then neighbors rushed to pull out of the nearby houses. He did not stop until he ran out of gas, and then watched as the course carries his mother holding a baby. He dived again, but was unable to swim. Muelmar rescued more than 20 people.

Casey Jones

Legendary engineer Casey Jones drove a steam train at top speed, trying to make up for lost time and enter into the schedule when his fireman noticed on the tracks in front of the freight cars. The clash was inevitable. Without thinking, Casey told the fireman to jump, and he remained in the cab until the very end, struggling to slow down the structure. Through the actions of the driver when a collision killed only one person - himself Casey. He was 37 years old.

Jordan Rice

As Muelmar Jordan Rice made the feat during the flood. But unlike Muelmara, Jordan was only thirteen, and he did not know how to swim. Flooding overtook seven boys in Queensland (Australia) during the road trip. Jordan was trapped with her mother and younger brother. Shortly before the family arrived and rescuers tried to pull Jordan, but he refused, demanding first to save his brother. Unfortunately, after Rice Jr. was in safety, a huge wave struck the car and took her. Jordan and his mother died.

Alfred Vanderbilt

Alfred Vanderbilt was an aristocrat, a sportsman and a fabulously wealthy man.
In 1915, he made a business trip on board the liner "Lusitania", when the ship was torpedoed by a German submarine, and it was rapidly sinking. Vanderbilt instantly oriented and has actively participated in the rescue operation: helping passengers to take their seats on the lifeboats and life jackets to wear. His own vest Alfred remained a gentleman to the end, he gave an unknown woman with a baby. And take a seat in the boat, too, has refused - several times. This is despite the fact that he could not even swim. There

Heroes of Theater

In 2012, one James Holmes opened fire in the theater of the city of Aurora (Colorado) during the premiere of the film "The Dark Knight Rises." When the first shots were fired, three young men instinctively closed their own bodies of her friends than have saved their lives.

Dr. Liviu Libresku

Dr. Liviu Libresku was a professor at the Faculty of Engineering Science and Mechanics of Virginia Polytechnic Institute. In 2007, a student named Cho Seung-Hui gave at the University massacre, which killed 32 people. 76-year-old Libresku tried by all means do not let the murderer in the audience, holding the door while his students were selected out. Seung-Hui Cho shot through the door, five bullets hit the professor.

Oleg Okhrimenko

Senior detective Oleg Okhrimenko made the feat in Omsk. April 21, 2002, he participated in the arrest of a dangerous criminal armed with a gun and a grenade. Having realized that he was trapped, the offender took a woman hostage and came to a stop, which was full of people. At some point he lost his nerve, he began to shoot at the police, and was killed by return shot. The grenade fell to the ground and Oleg covered her with his body than saving the lives of his comrades, passers-by and a hostage.

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