Don't be fooled into thinking that sleep is less important than the urgent business

Before you some important information about the relationship between sleep quality and human metabolism, given by Dr. johnny Bodenham (Dr. Jonny Bowden). Let's talk about how sleep is associated with the setting of our hormonal system, with the ability to drop weight with the extension of the youth of the body or acceleration of its aging.

Let's talk about the shocking data of a study published in Annals of Internal Medicine: it turns out that almost all modern people in their bedrooms "are making a fatal mistake, in fact killing their metabolism"!

And because of this error not only blocks the body's ability to get rid of excess fat, in addition she gets off the hormonal system, exacerbated the feeling of hunger, accelerate the aging process, we lose more energy and lose clarity of thought.

And even worse, because of this error, the tests are completely “healthy” person can show that the level of insulin resistance it is like any patient with type II diabetes!

Unfortunately, most people don't know what make this error... and the solution that takes only 15 minutes per week (!) – write about it rarely.

What kind of error is it? About the defective sleep.

WARNING: don't be fooled into thinking that you can go to bed late and sleep less important than the urgent business. If forced to choose between sports ("in order to maintain health and shape") and sleep is the priority, unconditionally belongs to sleep. We will bring 5 major reasons why this is so.

Reason # 1

The shortage of sleep triggers a powerful hunger, and increases craving for the most harmful food. How?

In this respect there is a study published in Public Library of Science.

  • Firstly, inadequate sleep triggers a decrease in the level of the hormone leptin by about 15% (this hormone tells us about the onset of satiety).
  • Second, the level of the hormone that tells us the feeling of hunger grows by the same 15%.
In sum, this leads to the fact that we are losing control of your appetite, we Wake up hungry and calm down only after receiving a portion of the most harmful products.

And, as if that's not enough, inadequate sleep also provokes dependence on junk food triggers cravings for sweets and flour!

In our ordinary language we usually say that "not rested nervous system requires stimulation and in the course are maximally stimulating products". Maybe it's not the correct wording, but now better understood what it is.

Reason # 2

Leptin is a hormone that tells us a feeling of fullness, also controls the metabolism (affects thyroid hormones).

Therefore, when you sleep enough, the level of leptin drops and the level of thyroid hormones, which in turn leads to extreme slowing of the metabolism (that is, including the speed of calorie burning at rest).

And what is the result? As a result, a greater percentage eaten is deposited in the fat layer on the stomach and thighs instead converted into energy that would have fed us throughout the day.

Then it gets worse: almost nobody knows what “fat burning” processes mostly occur when we sleep! During sleep, leptin activates the special fat cells, whose function – fat burning (Yes, you read right), as a result, that night, burns off the excess calories, and the energy just transformered and radiated as heat. So, when we get enough sleep (or sleeping in the wrong mode), we miss a time when fat can be burned optimally, and the waist to acquire a graceful shape.

Reason # 3

The shortage of sleep also suppresses the sensitivity of cells to insulin. If you have a lowered sensitivity to insulin, you need MORE insulin to remove excess sugars from the blood. A large amount of insulin in the blood, in turn, provokes a doubling of the risk set fat mass, because increased amounts of insulin, in fact, sends to the liver to convert food to get fat, to lock up the excess in fat cells, so they did not get back into the blood to avoid burning them.

In addition, the body perceives lack of sleep as a stress factor, as a threat to its existence, so the reaction is the rising levels of the stress hormone cortisol, and it is directly linked to the fat storage in the abdominal area and thighs.

Reason # 4

The sleep deficit also traumatize brain tissue, cognitive abilities and negatively affects the mood.

Dr. Majken Niederrad (Dr. Maiken Nedergaard), neurosurgeon, Professor at the University of Rochester, published research showing that when we sleep, the brain gets rid of strong neurotoxins, which are natural by-products of our daily life.

If those by-products to accumulate and not get rid of them, the consequences can be very sad – for example, foggy mind, bad memory, leaps in mood and problems with focus.

Also get out of control inflammation and increases oxidative stress, and this leads to further damage of brain tissue and leads to risk of development of age-related diseases like Alzheimer's.

Reason # 5

You've probably ever met people who manage to sleep well for several nights in a row? Such people usually look very exhausted... and somewhat... old.

And that is the reason –lack of sleep makes you look older very quickly, since it deprives him of the “window” of time when, during a night of sleep our “hormones of youth”.

Talking about the growth hormone is our master of renewal and restoration, a hormone that acts almost only at night, helping us to recover and supporting our youth.

In addition to skin aging (dryness, wrinkles, poor tone), growth hormone deficiency also critically affect the composition of the tissue is skewed in favor of fat versus muscle.

In the end, will bring my own formula to produce a sufficient amount of sleep and speed up metabolism. Chetyrehrazovoe:

• Step 1: Each week go to bed 15 minutes earlier until you start to consistently 7-9 hours of sleep.
• Step 2: In the bedroom should be really dark in such conditions hormonal work will be at the best level. If there is no possibility well to darken the room, use the mask — and, optionally, virusi.
• Step 3: Before bed try to slow down, calm the nervous system – no TV, Internet, and sports.
• Step 4: Eat at least three hours before bedtime. If the gap is less fat burning effects are negated.

WARNING: This formula will not speed up the metabolism and will not work on the rejuvenation, if you continue to eat bad food!

At the wrong diet, not much sleep, metabolism still gets off and slowed down, energy level is falling, cognitive abilities slow down.

In the context of weight loss, you first need to exclude the combination of starchy and fatty foods (sandwiches, pasta with butter or cheese, potatoes with butter or sour cream, etc.).

One of the basic principles of accelerating metabolism through nutrition is to start the day with balancing hormones product combination of maximum solid fats and proteins: as the basis of a good avocado with vegetables or vegetable raw bread, coconut and pudding mix on the basis of the Chia seeds with coconut oil, farm eggs, ocean salt of fatty fish (not subjected to thermal processing), vegetables from the farmer's butter – for example, broccoli, beets, carrots; lentils with avocado or butter / coconut oil.

It remains to add only one little fact, we often know about it and easily put off: the sooner we go, the less sleep you need to do to sleep and the easier it is adjusted that part of the hormonal configuration which is tied to the change of day and night.

The most effective sleep — a clock, synchronous with a light day (go to bed not much later than fully dark, and Wake with the sun or quite a bit later). Of vivacity and clarity of consciousness, this mode just adds to the surprise, although, of course, start this practice in the modern city is not so easy.It expands us to clear consciousness, the more effective living of the day, helps to spend less time on nonsense. published



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