Top 10 strongest creatures (10 photos)

10. Grizzlies. At birth, a grizzly bear weighs 0, 5 kg, and maturity - is all of 550 kg.
Standing on his hind legs, the grizzly is almost 2, 5 meters tall.
They can run at speeds of 54 km / hour, but the uphill run faster,
than from the mountain because of the distribution of muscle. In the wild, grizzly bears live to 30 years. (Stephen Oachs)

9. Oxen. Ox can overpower the weight of one and a half times its own - about 900 kg. Normally used only for the oxen pulling heavy objects. Usually they are combined into pairs. (alber)

8. Elephants. They can raise a different weight, and they themselves are not a lightweight. They can raise up to 9 tons, 1, 7 times greater than their own body weight. These are the largest mammals on earth, they live up to 70 years. The largest elephant ever been an increase of 4, 2 meters. At birth they weigh 120 kg. (Paraflyer)

7. Tigers. They can bear the weight, twice that of their own - about 540 kg. The average length of a tiger from nose to tip of tail - 3, 3 meters, weight - 300 kg. And despite its weight and size, they can disperse the speed to 64 km / h. Tiger paw powerful enough to smash the skull of a cow. (anmichaelthomas)

6 people. The sixth stage of the hit parade "the most powerful" we have achieved through Zydrunas Savickas - the strongest man in the world who can lift more weight than his own half. Savickas 34 years old, his height 1, 9 meters.


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