Clothing for women who dress as men

Designer struggling division fashion by sex priznaku

«Haute Butch» - this is a promising line of clothing, designed by designer Karen Roberts. This line is designed for women who prefer clothing that is very similar to the male, but experiencing some problems with the fit of this dress on a figure.

Roberts, who before joining the US Navy studied fashion, always disappoint a limited selection of clothing for masculine women. Later, she began working in real estate, and often wore men's jackets with the sleeves rolled up, rolled up trousers and white shirts.

Everything that she wore looked wrong or absurd on the background of her female colleagues dressed in strict business clothing female.

"Men's clothes are not designed for women," - she explained. "The sleeves are too long, the shoulders are too wide, too big collar length. In addition, men's shirts are too long, and the men's clothing does not account for women's breasts and rounded shape of women's thighs ».

That is why Roberts found his knowledge of fashion worthy to apply. She began to develop her own line of clothes, and soon created a large range of men's clothing, perfect for the female body. In this range were jackets, shirts, T-shirts and more.

Taking a loan for $ 20,000, and adding a certain amount of their own savings, Roberts officially launched her own clothing line in 2013, the year. And as soon as the first collection came out, thank you letters poured in from around the world - from Australia, the UK, Africa. Roberts said that he loved to listen to the views of customers, "We sincerely hope that the community of our customers tell us what they miss most of all».

Currently, Roberts and her small team preparing to launch another line of clothing. According to Roberts, all she is trying to do - is to blur the boundaries. She does not believe in the existence of "men's fashion" and "women's fashion", because it believes that there are many things that lie between these concepts. And she has no interest in further preservation of the above "separatism" in fashion.



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