Still believe your eyes? We will prove to you that you should not do!

It is known that peripheral vision is responsible for the field of view of the person, which is about 190 degrees. However, it is not perfect and sometimes makes us see things in real life does not exist.

All you need - it just constantly look at the cross in the center of the picture. You will see how your peripheral vision turns ordinary people's faces in the face "of monsters┬╗.

Individuals begin to distort, is not it? And the longer we look in the center of the picture, the more distortion. Why is this happening? Everything in order.

In the retina of our eyes there is a region, which is called the macula. Its peculiarity is that it is the largest number of receptors through which we can see more clearly defined area. We call this area, for example, the main field of vision. It is about 10% of the full range of our vision and is a fact directly focused on what we believe.

In this case, our primary field of view is empty, there is a dark area with a white cross. And the brain is trying to get information from other sources outside of the primary field. And this is just moving pictures on the right and the left. These sources are not as "robust" and the brain tries to combine them into one image. He tries to process photos in a very short time, as the image is changing rapidly. So, lose the ability to recognize faces, and the brain simply combines the features of different individuals into one, which is why we see "monsters┬╗.


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