20+ most most life hacking, that will make your life easier

The best way to clean the drainage system without expensive chemicals. Mix half a cup of baking soda with a glass of vinegar and pour them down the sink. Once the foam has come, the sink can be simply rinsed. The method is not only cheaper, but also environmentally friendly!

Bright light in an extreme sluchay

The correct way to do buterbrod.

How to cut all the cherry tomatoes for raz.

Wrap a wet paper towel around his beer bottle and put it in the freezer. Two minutes will be enough to make it icy!

When trying to nail a nail, hold the clothespin, not paltsami.

The easiest way to make a sandwich with morozhenym.

If you rub the old razor on his jeans, it can be re-sharpened. And so extend it sluzhby.

If your regular pants unbuttoned shirinka.

Here's how to fold a shirt polo. In general, any futbolku.

Fold the clothes in the chest upright. So it will be much more space!

Add the water a teaspoon of baking soda when cook eggs. Then they will be very easy to clean!

If you do not have baking soda, make one end of the egg a small hole, and then - blow out of it!

How to effectively use the space in chemodane.

Here the secret is that it is necessary to cut themselves, simultaneously turning banku.

When pouring the juice, the neck should be sverhu.

Use AAA batteries instead of AA required, simply fill in the blanks folgoy.

The correct way to clean banana

To clean the chicken wings from the bones, just rotate them!

A simple and free way to make iPhone magnitofon.

Use a spoon to open not amenable banku.

How to effectively use the space in chemodane.

How to connect the cables to ensure that they do not burst when natyazhenii.


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