Scientists have found turtles and have noticed she had something in the nostrils ...

Oceanographer Figgener Christine (Christine Figgener) and his team stumbled off the coast of Costa Rica on the marked turtle named Olive Ridley, whose nose something stuck. At first they thought it was a worm, then it's a strange fishing tackle, but in the end it turned out to be a very long cocktail disposable tube. With pliers they somehow managed to remove the plastic tube from the nose turtles, which apparently was a turtle inside the nose for a long time. Hell, yes, this tube is longer than the head turtle!

"Do not tell me it's fucking plastic tube!" - Said one of the team members

Scientists estimate that the world's oceans six times more plastic than plankton Plastic tubes swim across the ocean and they are not biodegradable. Only in the United States alone each day is used by more than 500 million disposable plastic tubes a day, which could completely fill the 127 bus.
Together with environmentalists, we encourage you as often as possible to stop using disposable plastic, and if you use it, make sure you dispose of it properly. Please do not pollute the nature of the debris is killing her.


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