20+ brainteasers from textbooks, which broke Your Brain

It began the longest academic quarter, and students re-sat for textbooks that will help them develop a set of skills - the ability to think outside the box to the levitation and telekinesis.
Let's go ...

Oh my father father ...

Puzzles come from dashing 90h.

Oh, Kostya, hello!

Do you hear? This is the creaking of the brain ...

It was then that childhood and konchilos.

I would draw cheloveka.

How mohnatok frightened the author of the textbook and what his childhood was?

"Only parents Vasey has nothing to say┬╗ .

Find the lazy author of a textbook on himii.

One of them must go back to the moment when something went wrong tak.

You want - you compose, do not want - like hochesh.

Oh, those French free nravy.

Temporary collapse in the textbook istorii.

It seems we have opened new perspektivy.

For young fans of fantasy and juvenile yustitsii.

An easy way to please odnoklassnikov.

Ekie you skuchnye.

Not only fun, but also very dobraya.

Do not even ask why the child chose svinyu.

Okay, Goglev where to buy the textbook without typos?

Weasel especially romantic ...

Well, what do you think looks babokach?

The psyche is not every child is vyderzhit.

A common feature - a lack of overall priznaka.


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