15+ life hacking, which is suitable to each motorists

In the life of every motorist happen unpleasant situations. It does not open the door because the window -20, it is not clear where there are dents, which seems to be not very noticeable, but I would like to eliminate them.

We have prepared for you a few tricks. These simple tips and cunning raise car ownership to a new level of comfort and greatly ease your life.

1. Defrost lock the car will hand sanitizer.
Regular hand sanitiser contains alcohol, which rapidly unfreeze the frost on the lock and the door will open. To do this, you can simply put means for klyuch.

2. Toothpaste polishing headlights.
Simply apply the usual toothpaste to the cloth and polish the lights, just a few minutes they will appear as novye.

3. Plunger straighten dent.
And if you have a pneumatic plunger, the general beauty ...

4. Cracks on the front to help "keep" a clear nail polish.
Glass burst and change it do not have time or money? Simply apply the crack clear nail polish - that you significantly strengthened glass and prevent the further spread of treschiny.

5. Organizer is useful for shoes in the backseat, and will include interior in perfect order.

6. Keychain alarm and own head.
If you need to open the car door or lead him, and the signal remote control does not reach because of the great distance, just move it to the chin, and press. The liquid in the head will be used as a guide and can significantly increase the range of brelka.

7. The reusable glasses can be stored napkins.
What for? Yes, because every car has a cup holder, but no holder for packaging wet salfetok.

8. Oil on the rubber seal in the cold.
Doors freeze due to the ingress of moisture between the pads. Just wipe the seal with a cloth moistened with oil, then wipe with a paper towel. The oil will repel water, and the door will stop primerzat.

9. Ventilate the vehicle can do without air conditioning.
Simply open any window front and 5-6 times open-close any back door. Opening the door, you will be let out of the car, hot air, and fresh air will be drawn into the car through the front window open. The concept is simple!

10. To expand on the key fob ring, use the staple remover!
With this stationery easy to uncover key ring. No more broken and damaged nails!

11. Remove tracks from labels.
To no traces of stickers on the windshield, simply place the sticker under the warm wet towel or newspaper for 10 minutes, and she go without problem.

12. In order not to forget where you parked in the parking lot, take a picture of your parking space.

13. Tennis ball in the garage for a hassle-free parking.
Hang to the garage ceiling the ball on the line so that it touches the windshield (or rear - depending how you call in) the glass. This touch will mean that is where the need ostanovitsya.

14. Small trash.
Garbage container in the car to help maintain order and cleanliness in the salon. Believe me, you will soon not be able to imagine how previously went without nego.

15. Office gum may play a role holder.

16. Office gum and office clip will help secure the phone in the car dashboard, if you use it as a navigator.

17. This is done this way.

18. How to open the lock the vehicle with the laces.


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