10 tips that are vital to any girl. Oh, if I knew these secrets before!

If you often make the same action, guaranteed to find methods of how to improve them. Women - wise creatures, and even just little things they come to ingenious solutions. That wonderful tips that will brighten up any ordinary day and help the girl cope with different tasks. To remember and enjoy, and if you - the guy will be pleased with his second rugs useful recommendations.

1. All of the girls know how I want to paint to dry quickly. Especially when you are late for an important event. Here is the solution - to lower nails painted in cold water for only three minutes. Luck will have time to dry out during this time.

2. If sprinkle comb favorite perfume, hair all day will have a pleasant aroma.

3. It turns out that you can fix a broken lipstick. Heat the end of a cigarette lighter, which broke down, glue it to have disappeared of the lipstick and put in the fridge for half an hour. Oh, I know this secret early as lipsticks I was able to save!

4. Balm rinse hair well replace abruptly ended shaving gel. It softens the skin, for a smooth shave it will be possible.

5. Every girl has left bright shiny shadow, which is used as a hand does not rise. So, if you add them to a bottle of clear nail polish, get the original color. Experiment!

6. To the studs and better kept invisible in your hair, you can lightly sprinkle them with varnish.

7. ironed collars and cuffs just curling hair. And ironing boards do not need to lay out once again.

8. The wound on the cap nail polish gum - they will be easier to open, especially when the paint dried up a bit inside.

9. Conventional antiperspirant good help from blisters on his feet. Smear them a place where shoes rub, it will reduce friction and will keep dry damaged skin.

10. eyeliner can be too rigid tip. To avoid scratching delicate eyelids, hold the end of the lead over the fire - it will be gentle and soft.

Please rate how useful these tips? Hopefully, they will help you in different situations. Tell her friends about these wonderful rules greatly simplifies life!

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