A lovely way to burn fat at home! And trips to the room you are no longer required ...

To be slim and trim, do not necessarily spend a lot of time in the room! Enough and active home training. After all, most effectively burns fat cardio during which accelerated heart rate. And this does not require additional training simulators and work with the weight it you can easily make a home, and even some hot! These detailed video will help you train at home. Save time for the benefit of the area.

These light exercises should be fulfilled by one approach length just one minute! Wonderful time savings.

1. Start your training session with a run. Run one minute, while lobbing knees.

2. Put Your elbows on the floor. Vaults and spreads his legs in a jump.

3. Jump like a frog.

4. Do step forward and jumps up as high as possible, alternating each leg.

5. Jump, spreading apart the feet and hands.

6. shifted from foot to foot and actively tyanis hands down with his right hand to the left foot and vice versa.

7. simulates jumping rope.

8. Move your body weight on your hands and feet are repelled from the floor, making a kind of jumping.

9. Completion workout - breath and do stretching the legs at the same time.

On the way to the beauty there are no barriers! Train at home, motivating yourself that you can achieve even better results than those who go to the gym.

These exercises will make you a new look on the cardio. Save yourself this useful post and share them with your loved ones.

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