A selection of the most effective exercises for those who truly love the sport. Bring the result of lightning!

This workout really tire you! With these exercises you load the work of all the most important muscle groups, and to arrange a intense cardio at home. To suit everyone who likes to catch up on the full playing sports. All you need for an active classes - yoga mat and weights. Start with a dynamic warm-up exercises performed by each full capacity.

1. Feet shoulder width apart, slightly sit down and start doing lunges aside, boxing with an imaginary opponent. At the same time, turning left or right, the corresponding stretch of abdominal muscles. Do 10 lunges on each side.

2. This exercise is working the back muscles, thighs and abs. Do active attacks leg to the side, do not forget to blow up in the air force. Repeat 10 times with each leg.

3 lifts from a prone position, push with the hands forward and to the side. Repeat as 20 times for the right and for the left side.

4. Bend the right leg in front of you at an angle of 90 degrees, left leg - behind. Raise your left leg as high as possible, actively push it. To make it easier to do the exercises, keep your hands, as the Buddha.

5. Lean forward and put your hands shoulder width apart. Move the entire weight on his hands in a jump. Do it 10 times.

6. Bring one leg to the side, hand in hand Ruskin, get one hand to the floor. Linger, balancing in this position for one minute. Repeat with the other leg.

7. The side strap. In carrying out this exercise, it follows that the back was straight. Alternating side bar inclined forward as shown in the pictures.

8. Sit down on the floor. Legs raised up, pull them forward. Hands also extend forward as far as possible. Hold this position for one minute.

9. Little Dance! Do rhythmic steps to the side, straining the press and helping himself with his hands.

10. Dancing continues! Make yourself sweat by reinforced cardio - imagine that Zumba dance. Within two minutes, Forward, dancing and wiggling hips.

11. tyanis down and to the side while pulling the hand with weight up. Repeat as 10 times with each hand.

12. Raise the weight in sitting and standing alternately.

13. Lie down on the floor. Raised, push your hands up. Legs also lift up, pull socks. Hold this position for 2 minutes.

14 pushups and jumping. Press and jump, do so 10 times.

Do not forget to perform stretching after your workout! Such active exercise immediately give a positive effect. In carrying out this complex only three times a week, you will notice very quickly that the body has become more athletic. Cubes of the press - it is real! Such training will turn you into a real lump of muscle!

Report these exercises to all those who are crazy about sports!

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