Find out the true cause of all diseases! Here's what you need to pay attention in the first place ...

It is no secret that any disease is given to man for a reason. The disease - a physical manifestation of the internal problems of man. After all, on the internal state and mood depend on all the actions of man: what he does, he eats like spending time. All very logical. Diseases are different, but they have one root. Find out what traits can adversely affect your health!

Aggressive - causes heart problems, high blood pressure, ulcers and warts.

Anxiety - aggravates nerve disease causes sleep disorders and skin diseases.

Rage - a cause of hepatitis, insomnia, gastritis, peptic ulcer disease.

Depression - lung problems, tuberculosis, pneumonia, alcoholism.

greed - obesity, acne, problems with blood pressure, headaches.

Cruelty - cause of asthma, various cancers, fungal infections.

Envy - psychiatric, autoimmune diseases, heart problems.

grudge - the cause of diseases of the throat, stomach acidity and insomnia.

Conflictness - thyroid dysfunction, acute inflammatory processes in the body.

Laziness - loss of appetite, anemia, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, skin diseases.

tension - problems with the cardiovascular system, intracranial pressure, frequent infections, urethritis, manic-depressive psychosis.

untidiness, sloppiness - lowered immunity, skin diseases, allergies, lung disease.

Impermanence - infertility and acute inflammatory processes in the body.

Despair - diseases of the spine, musculoskeletal system, visual impairment, hearing.

Exhaustion - viral infections, tuberculosis, diabetes, bone problems.

Pessimism - low blood pressure, tuberculosis, anemia, chronic diseases.

Irritability - a cause of hepatitis, diseases of the nervous system, skin diseases, many chronic diseases.

Fear - cause of bulimia, cystitis, cancer.

Stubbornness - ear disease, sinusitis, infertility, mental disorders.

Selfishness - problems with the stomach, hemorrhoids, sore throat.

Health of the body depends on the health of the human spirit. If you meditate, it is easy to trace the connection between the way of life and the state of his health. It is necessary to work on their personal qualities to be not only a worthy and honest man, but a man happy and healthy!

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