12 golden rules for a happy upbringing of the child, who must know every mother.

Women are very often completely immersed in everyday life, forgetting about their interests and hobbies that give birth to the child. .cc has prepared for you 12 golden rules of parenting, which must comply with every mother, if she wants to find the right balance.

1. Be keen
Do not leave your likes and interests just because you had a baby. Take time for yourself and for what you love to do. Find a way to incorporate into your daily routine reading, playing sports or going to the theater. So you'll be happier and more interesting for your child.

2. Do not be a martyr
Babies do not need and they never require their mothers lay on their shoulders the burden. If you need to be alone, put his children watch television or leave them on the Pope, if you want to meet up with friends or parents.

3. Do not strive for perfection
Life is messy and full of surprises, which is why a commitment to excellence - a bad idea. After giving birth, life will become even more unpredictable, resigned to the fact that the house is not always clear, something that will constantly break and spill.

4. Get rid of the guilt
Once you will be faced with the choice to stay home with your child or return to work, try to avoid feelings of guilt for their choices. You and so do what you can. Nobody is perfect, and samoedstvo - a waste of time.

5. Be patient
Raising a child - hard work. Children are always noisy and very demanding. When you're losing patience, take a deep breath and try to understand what they need your help and understanding.

6. Listen to your child
Always listen carefully. We tend to think that we know more than our kids, so difficult for us to listen to them. In addition, we often act as consultants who offer their services immediately, when all that is required of us - just listen.

7. Whether a mother, not another
Set certain limitations. Today, we make important decisions together with their children, but the kids still need us, in the restrictions that parents can impose. We must listen to them and respect them, but we are not their peers.

8. Teach him to ease
Teach your child not to associate happiness with the accumulation of wealth. The younger he is, the more likely he will listen to you.

9. I do not push him too hard
If you want your child to be successful and fully disclose their potential, not push too hard, just comfortable with his success in school.

10. Teach him to love himself
High self-esteem - the most precious gift that parents can teach their children. A person with high self-esteem will not tolerate with respect to his abusive behavior, can be happy and reach their full potential. How to teach your child to value yourself? Show him that you appreciate him and spend time with him, talk to him and listen to him.

11. Teach him to be independent
At each stage of development your child needs to learn to do things on their own. If you start to help him in this, you pull it back. Neatly sums of their child towards independence, allowing you to do something that he runs.

12. Laugh and have fun
Being a mother, try not to get caught up in the cares and do not forget to relax and enjoy life. Your child gives you a great opportunity to be a child again and again and do things that you would never have done on their own as an adult. Take advantage of this chance.

Have fun with your child and let motherhood will be for you the greatest happiness in the world! But do not forget about their interests and hobbies, so that your child can admire you!

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