20 things you need to stop to do with herself. Do not complicate your life!

Life - is amazing, but a very difficult thing. Sometimes we create our own problems and demolish everything. Nobody can go back and change it. But you can start with a clean slate and create a better future. His life should be controlled rather than go with the flow, waiting for that all by itself will change. Here are some practical tips to get you started your path of cultivation. If you follow at least a few recommendations, your life will be much easier. You'll be happier and more successful!

1. Stop spending time with the wrong people
Do not waste precious moments of his life to the people next to whom you feel bad. Also, do not be imposed. If someone really wants to see you, he will certainly find the time. Look for these people who are with you, not only in moments of joy and in sorrow.

2. Meet with their problems face to face
Do not close your eyes to their problems, hoping that they will be solved. We must learn from our mistakes and problems, only then can you become truly successful. That's personality is formed.

3. Stop lying to yourself
You can fool everybody, but not themselves. In order to change your life, you have to be honest with yourself.

4. Be a little selfish
Often people who are in love, forget completely about their needs. Even if you are very love someone, always remember that it is important for you. To help others, but do not forget about yourself.

5. Be yourself
No need to create idols and look for motivation in the actions of other people, who do you think is best for you. Home is your goal - to be better myself yesterday, but not better than anyone else. Seek not to be like the others. Stay yourself, because there will always be people who will love you this.

6. Let go of the past
You can not start a new life, until he let go of the old.

7. You can not say "will not work»
«I believe that in life you have to take risks, you have to fight for your idea, you have to try» em>, - Ken Kesey wrote in his work "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest." These words should be the motto of all insecure people. Even if you did something wrong, it's a hundred times better than doing nothing at all.

8. Do not try to buy happiness
Of course, it is nice to buy something expensive. But we should not forget that the things that really make a person happy, totally free. For example, love, friendship and laughter.

9. Do not compete with others
Do not worry about the fact that someone turns out better than you. Concentrate on your own goals and achievements. Success - a struggle that is going on within yourself.

10. Stop envying.
Envy - is when you think someone better than themselves. Do not forget that you also have valuable qualities that would like to have around.

11. Stop feeling sorry for yourself
Life throws up not only pleasant surprises. In any case, you will understand that in the end turned out to be the best location and nice people. Self pity only losers.

12. Let go of grudges
Do not keep anyone evil. So you hurt only themselves, not the people, which taish offense. Forgiveness is necessary not only to others but also yourself first.

13. Does not justify
Close friends and so you will understand, but enemies still do not believe it. Just do as he sees fit, and to no one excuses.

14. Pay attention to the pleasant things
Get pleasure from even the most insignificant moments of life. Once you realize that it was really important things.

15. Do not blame others for their own problems
You yourself must bear responsibility for their lives. If you have someone to blame for their failures, you give him the power to control your life.

16. Do not try to please everybody
It's impossible. Such an attempt simply takes your strength. You can not please everyone. Be yourself.

17. Stop worrying a lot
Worry not relieve you from tomorrow's challenges, but it will take away the joy of today. Ask yourself: «Will it be important in a year?» Em> If the answer is 'no', do not worry about it.

18. Try to think of a good
Positive thinking - this is what leads to success. If you think about what happens to you today something beautiful, then I am sure that will happen.

19. Be thankful
Just be thankful for their lives. Instead of thinking about what you lack, draws attention to the fact that you have.

20. Go beyond your comfort zone
Be open-minded and do not be afraid. It will bring you success.

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