11, unforgivable mistakes that cause insomnia. And you wonder, that you can not sleep?

Stop suffering from insomnia! Everything in the world has a reason, so do not be surprised that your dream bypasses round. I'm sure you're doing everything to ensure that poor sleep at night, without knowing it ... Check these errors, which inevitably lead to insomnia. If in your life there are at least 5 points listed below, should reconsider their habits. Damage to health specifically does not make sense, aging and so irreversible. Lack of sleep accelerates the process and prevent you feel good. The only thing that comforts - it can be fixed!

1. Bright light
If you go to bed in the room is not protected from bright light, your body can not tune in to sleep. It is necessary to close the curtains at night and use a night light with soft light. Do not leave the computer monitor when you fall asleep!

2. Alcohol
Frequent consumption of intoxicating beverages prevents the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone. Limit alcohol, and your sleep will immediately become calmer.

3. Caffeine
Coffee and strong tea is to drink in the morning. Drunk a cup of coffee in the evening may deprive you of sleep for a long time, even if you have developed a tolerance to caffeine over the years drag this fragrant drink.

4. Daytime sleep
Those who like to take a nap during the day, after a hearty dinner, are at risk of insomnia does not sleep. You should not sleep too much during the day, it's obvious!


5. Sports
Catching up on time and physical exercise in moderation, you improve health. But do not run to the gym in the evening, if you have a tendency to insomnia. Exercise activates the body and converts it into a wake.

6. Hot Room
When you're hot, much more difficult to fall asleep. Ventilate the room at bedtime, monitor the temperature of the air in your bedroom. Too warm pajamas and a blanket can cause insomnia.


7. Night life
If you go to bed too late and wake up late, you get off biorhythms. This makes it difficult to get enough sleep, feeling refreshed upon awakening, it hampers the natural process of falling asleep.

8. Noise
Noise may be a cause of insomnia. You know what to do with noisy neighbors ...

9. Internet addiction
Real-time communications in the network may interfere with sleep. Get used to sleep without a mobile phone in his hand.

10. Intimate dinner
Do not load up at night. Too difficult to digest food distracts the body from all the other vital processes, including from sleep.

11. The excited state
Nervous, excited state, anxiety, stress. Everything is so familiar to modern man! If you feel that your nervous system is overloaded, try to take steps to become calmer. Bath with herbs, valerian and soothing herbal teas are sure to help you!

You can cope with any problems, it is wanted. Insomnia win easily if you know the reasons for its occurrence. Go to sleep easily and sleep a long, deep sleep. Believe me, it is necessary to look good and feel great.

Insomnia win together! Tell your friend what you should not do if you want to sleep peacefully.

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