15 masterpieces of film art that will bring you faith in true love.

There are an infinite number of films about love, and do not stop shooting, and all because of love - a feeling that is familiar to everyone, and any romance will always resonate with the audience. I prepared for you a selection of diverse films that are united only by one thing - they are all about love. Choose any and start playing!

Pride and Prejudice / Pride and Prejudice

Fine acting without replay. Keira and Matthew gave full force of attraction to each other main characters of the film, all the trepidation and the fragility of their relationship.

Taming of the Shrew / Il bisbetico domato

A really good movie, designed for any audience. Excellent, well thought out and easy to plot. Despite the fact that the painting belongs to the era of the eighties, it is quite naturally looks now.

Notting Hill / Notting Hill

Actress straight out of Hollywood, with millions of jobs, and the Englishman, holding his small, almost no revenue-store guidebooks. The Englishman has an unusual neighbor and a wonderful family. A new film actress. Then one day she comes to his shop ...

50 First Dates / 50 First Dates

They meet by chance, and the young man falls in love with a strange little girl. By the evening he was seeking from her reciprocity and reflects on their future relations. But all in vain, because after the accident that killed her parents, she is suffering from memory loss ...

Magic in the Moonlight / Magic in the Moonlight

There is not some super-effect or crazy decorations, just to show the relationship of people, family, friendship, love and jealousy ...

Ghost / Ghost

It is a wonderful story that loved ones even after death are always with us. We can not see them and touch them, but our mutual love will always live in our hearts.

Office Romance

In this sarcastic and loved all the stories we see the hero Anatoly Efremovich Novoseltseva, who works in the statistical office. His boss - a real "mymra" very strict and professional, but behind that mask, as it turned out, was hidden quite different, and we see their office romance, which shows a delightfully funny, positive and vital ...

Love / Amour

Concert Hall Conservatory totally different audience both on age and on personal criteria. Our pair near the center of the room, they were not immediately and noticed no major plans or the play of light. Just audience. In general, it is strange that the actor did not show, and the audience, but it is a great opportunity to consider and remember faces. Persons who drastically changed after two hours.

Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears

What this film? Yes, everything. About love, where all ages. The search for happiness. About friendship. On the women. And yet - that life goes by its own laws, times change, but values ​​- remain.

Gone with the Wind / Gone with the Wind

This epic. Dedicated blooming, but quickly burnt like a house of cards, period. It carries a whole galaxy of different human qualities and feelings.

Dirty Dancing / Dirty Dancing

This is not the plot, not the genius of special effects, but only truths, she tells the story remarkably fascinating language - the language of dance.

City of Angels / City of Angels

Fantastic history of relations between the angel, take away people after death, and a woman, saving as possible lives.

The Great Gatsby / The Great Gatsby

One of the few films containing a stunning plot, luxurious and colorful spectacle, as well as food for thought. Here, everyone will find their morals and imbued with deep emotions transmitted heroes picture.

The Three Musketeers

Unfading diamond Soviet cinema. Such a love of life, such unmatched drive and an emotional few tapes can boast. History, in which the young Musketeer D'Artagnan for love is ready to move mountains to save the queen from the shame and France - from the terrible political scandal is good and transcription on film language.

Meet Joe Black / Meet Joe Black

This film throughout the viewing time is completely different emotions - from the experience to sincere smile. Even the ending gives both a slight feeling of sadness and hope for the future. In the end, none of the deaths will not go - an inevitability with which to come to terms ...

These movies can be watched dozens of times - they never get bored. I am sure that even our grandchildren will admire these blockbusters decades later ...

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