Yoga for children: 5 item that will turn any tomboy in a quiet child.

Children do not act up because of his bad character or bad parenting. Reasons stubbornness, tantrums and cantankerous behavior - very different. The kid does not want to go for a walk? Do not want to sleep? He refuses to eat? With high probability we can say that it feels uncomfortable, in a state of stress and tension, and trying to accumulate this energy in unusual and very bad, according to adult actions. When an adult is angry and is going through stress, he copes with it in different ways: someone engaged in sports, someone smokes, someone meditates and practices yoga ... Yoga is great and children. This method will enhance the health of small creatures and take care of his nervous system. Yoga classes will bring your child a lot of fun, because it is so similar to the addictive game!

1. Bee
Have your child take a deep breath. Get down on my knees, get hands behind his back. Exhaling, lower your head down and buzz like bees. Proper breathing - the highlight, deep breaths instantly soothe and help the child to deal with overwhelming emotions.

2. Pose cat
Frustration, stress and anger easily overcome with the help of this simple poses. Teach your child deep breathe and arch the spine, like a cat. This will strengthen your back muscles and give the child self-confidence. Spine - the axis around built all human activities. Retraction of the abdomen and back muscle strain is very beneficial effect on the spine and helps to learn to control negative emotions.

3. Cloud
This poses a great help let out all the hidden clips and trauma that the child is experiencing. Deep breathing in and out, the child has to imagine how all the emotions that plagued him, go up into the clouds. Pull up your hands to the clouds - ask for help from heaven, gain energy. If you teach a child this technique, it will be able to stay energetic and balanced even in the most difficult situations.

4. Pose tree
The idea of ​​this posture - learn how to maintain a balance, to be in harmony, even when it seems impossible. Concentration helps to stabilize the condition. It should be straight, straighten your back, straighten your shoulders, breathe deeply. You need to bend one leg and stood leaning on the other foot. The arms should be straight, it is best to represent it - branches of the tree that is home to an amazing good friends: positive emotions in images of various animals.

5. Pose baby
This posture has a profound calming effect on the central nervous system, it gives the child a sense of security. Get on your knees, curl up, keep your hands at your sides. Breathe deeply, using the entire volume of the lungs. This posture helps to get a good sleep even the most active children, excited after an eventful day.

If you teach a child with childhood influence your emotional state by a movement of the physical body, it will grow a balanced, mentally healthy person. The modern world is full of different energies, and children are particularly sensitive to react to everything. Do not hurry to scold naughty kid - best way to show him that the child will give peace of mind, instead of screaming and punishments choose calm explanations and instructions. Nerve experiences in a young person missing without you.

Yoga for children - a great way to spend time with the child, a priceless benefit to the body and strengthen the nervous system. Worth a try this exceptional entertainment!

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