How to calculate your ideal weight: without this table does not dispense to all those who are on a diet.

Ideal weight - the weight that is optimal for your health. If you like you yourself in a certain weight and good feeling - it's wonderful. Fashion for weight loss and the desire for unnatural parameters do their thing, so people start to doubt is normal if their weight, even if everything seems to be their happy ... This table is different from the online calculators, calculating ideal weight she created the medical profession, which accurately calculated the relationship of height and weight of a healthy person. Of course, you need to pay attention not only on weight but also on what the condition of the muscle man in a tone they. With the proper ratio of muscle and body fat weight problems will not you ever, because muscles help maintain an active metabolism.

sure to do sports! One should not have high expectations with respect to diet - during the severe restrictions in the diet you lose an impressive amount of muscle mass to slow metabolism. And this is very bad for your health and do not decorate the figure. Sagging body may not be attractive, thinness - it is ugly, if the muscles do not create expressive forms.

Approach wisely ensures your good health and good looks! Always listen to the recommendations of doctors, this is the best thing you can do for yourself.

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