7 golden rules to follow if a child has a fever.

In children, the temperature rises very suddenly and always finds so moms and dads surprise. Because of this, the parents fly out of my head all the rules of first aid, and they begin to rush through the house in search of the necessary means and also call all his friends in a row, to ask the "wise" advice. For high temperature of the baby did not catch you by surprise, had prepared 7 golden rules to be observed when a child hyperthermia.

1. Do not rush to shoot down the temperature below 38 to 5 °. This suggests that the body is fighting the infection itself, and fever is needed for a more efficient defense mechanisms.

2. The child can not be treated with aspirin and analgin.

3. It is not necessary to wrap up their child dozen blankets. The air in the room should be slightly cool, and the room must be well ventilated, because children still immature thermoregulatory system.

4. Do not rub the baby with alcohol or vinegar, because it is a poison for the child.

5. Remember that the drugs take effect only after half an hour. Do not wait for the temperature to drop to 36 at once, 6 ° C. Always read the instructions to the drugs that you use.

6. It is impossible to put the child's body cold objects because it could provoke vasospasm skin.

7. If the temperature is high, and the skin of the baby is pale, cold limbs, it means "white fever" and vasospasm. Immediately call an ambulance and rub hands and feet baby to spasm passed. Exclude all physical cooling methods.

When your baby's temperature is rising, do not rush to panic, but just remember these tips. They will help you provide the correct first aid, which will not harm your baby.

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