10 commandments of those who lose weight. Learn to live so that the weight is not coming back!

Symmetry - a way of life. The most difficult thing is not to get rid of the extra kilos. A very important point - do everything that they did not come back ... Often, after a strict diet of many dieters there are failures, and the extra weight reappears, sometimes - even increasing. This can be avoided! It is enough to understand that in order to maintain the shape must adhere to certain rules of the time. Then the problem of excess weight would be completely irrelevant to you.

1. Follow volumes.
Stop hung up on the number of kilograms. Much better monitor the state figures, focusing on volume. Centimeter measure yourself, write performance. Do this once a week. It is easier to monitor changes that occur in the body. Also watch out for the clothes - the weight may remain stable, but the volume - increased! If you start to fit in things that were previously too small to you, all right.


2. If the weight is stable - that's good.
Weight loss - a gradual process. Remember that fat tissue is dotted with huge number of capillaries. When fat is burned, the capillaries that feed adipose tissue, too, will disappear. Give your body a chance to regroup, do not ask too much at once. Stop worrying about the addition of 300 g or rejoice when 500 g disappears! This is silly.

3. The disappearance of 70 grams of fat a day - a good result.
You can get rid of all of the 70 grams of fat per day, maximum - 150 g can leave all other subtraction weight accounted for dehydration and other metabolic processes. Hudey wisely realize that's happening to you.

4. Follow bedtime!
If you want to lose weight effectively and youthful look - watch your sleep. Man loses weight best in a dream, moreover, sleep people do not tend to overeat.

5. Take fish oil.
When you reduce the consumption of fatty foods, your body responds to it immediately. For example, this may occur in disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. To no problems, drink on an empty stomach fish oil or vegetable oil in small quantities.

6. Eat protein foods.
Protein - 40% fat - 15% complex carbohydrates - 45%. These components of the daily diet provide your body with all the necessary substances for life and will help to lose weight.

7. Move!
Weight loss is impossible without constant physical activity. This may not necessarily sports - even walking is very useful and positive impact on the general condition and shape. During exercise creates a great environment for the absorption of the protein, the cells begin to function better.


8. Drink plenty of water.
Water not only helps remove toxins from the body and lose weight quickly, but also solve a lot of problems with digestion. Consuming large amounts of water will help to improve the condition of the skin, wrinkles and get rid of peeling.

9. Food - not the greatest pleasure in life.
It should be replaced by other food treats, and you immediately become slimmer! Communication, trips, hobbies - all this is much more interesting than a hearty lunch, right? Not to consider food as a source of pleasure and you will immediately become easier to adhere to proper nutrition.

10. Change your attitude towards him.
To stay fit, a person must realize that the weight loss has already occurred to him, learn to live in a new body, a new state. Then the complex will cease to be the cause of overeating and weight gain. Increases self-esteem - this will benefit your appearance!

The 10 Commandments are useful to all those who dream of a crazy slim figure. Re-read them more often - sometimes successes or failures in losing weight prevent a sober view of things, and you should always evaluate yourself and what you are doing, objectively. Maintaining a stable healthy weight - is not a problem, there's nothing complicated. Try to live in the rhythm of these tips for a while and see firsthand what you can achieve a lot, is wanted.

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